As travel trends bring tourists closer to ecocentrism and sustainability, in many parts of the world, the most accessible avenues for travel content continue to build on a culture of mass tourism and greenwashing.

There is a gap in travel content in the Philippines. A space to talk about what travelers need to know about  the places they are visiting on the levels of responsible, well-researched, and ethical travel. The need for responsible travel is bigger than ever before in this period of climate transition, due to the incredible growth of the travel industry and its huge environmental and social effects.

The Good Trip addresses this gap by creating content that informs, taking into consideration cultural and social nuances. This content presents as multimedia stories made for the digital platform, marrying the magazine and textbook formats.


Informative, engaging, and nuanced. The Good Trip works towards the promotion of ethical and sustainable tourism through well-researched, expert-verified and localized content. 

Articles are anchored on issues, rather than destinations. Our market research has shown us that there is a demand for travel content that offers cultural and social commentary on the places that travelers want to visit.


Rather than traditional travel structures (hotels, agencies, restaurants, tour sites), The Good Trip has a network of partnerships with NGOs, environmental foundations, and the leaders of conservation initiatives.

We address the need to incorporate their research and messages into accessible travel content through content solutions and advocacy storytelling. By shifting the anchor from business centered on tourism to organizations working towards sustainability, the nature of travel content also shifts to reflect the international trend towards ecocentrism.

Traveling well is more than where we go.
It's also what we should know.


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Kwento Stories about the people and things you're likely to come across while traveling.
Usapan Longer reads on the questions that need some unpacking. 
Payo Things the experts wish you knew


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